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I help new and underachieving real estate agents become more productive so they’ll earn more and be more satisfied with their careers.

My background is in higher education. I taught German language and literature as well as comparative studies at The Ohio State University, Miami University, and Otterbein College. While at Otterbein, I decided to take my career in a different direction. I entered the real estate profession and am licensed as a salesperson in the state of Ohio. Real estate agents are called upon to educate their clients in many situations, and I felt at home in my role as a consultant to buyers and sellers.

After selling real estate for several years, I became the trainer/business development coordinator and assistant to the manager for the Real Living HER Northeast Regional office. I focused on helping new agents get their businesses up and running, providing training for all agents in the office, and coordinating meetings and events. My role expanded to a regional level, and I worked with real estate agents and support staff in three offices in the Northeast Region. I then moved into the position of Program Coordinator–Professional Development and Special Projects for Real Living HER and Real Living Realty Services. I then took on the role as the Director of Training and Professional Development for HER Realtors.

As Director of Training and Professional Development, I was responsible for the overall direction and execution of training and education programs at HER Realtors. This included classroom and online courses, real estate continuing education, and office and regional training. I developed courses for agents, monitored and evaluated course effectiveness and results, and worked with leadership at the company to ensure that skills learned in the classroom were reinforced and supported in the field. I created bi-weekly meeting materials for office business and coaching meetings. I provided technology training to new and existing agents as well. In addition to those duties, I also oversaw the transaction management platform, rDocs, and presented in-person and online training to agents and staff to increase usage of the platform.

I moved into a new role with HER as a Training Consultant at the beginning of 2020. I teach new agent courses, continuing education, and technology skills classes on an as-needed basis.

I am now a trainer with The Floyd Wickman Team. Real estate has been my profession for over 20 years. After some initial success, I found myself struggling to get listings and sales and wondering if I had made the right choice when I got licensed. I was introduced to Floyd Wickman through a program and learned how to be an effective salesperson and get control of my business. I now stand ready to help other agents who have been struggling to be more effective in their real estate careers.

I love to help agents to be productive as quickly as possible and to sustain their businesses. I’ve trained hundreds of agents to realize their goals in real estate and life. I’m proud to pass on what I learned from Floyd Wickman to help you create the success you want in your business and life!

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Alan Geier

    Hi Carol,
    I hope you’re staying safe during this crazy time.
    Besides sharing the same birthdate, Happy Belated, I believe we have some common ground to work with.
    I’m an investment advisor helping CRE agents bring reluctant sellers to market with an alt. 1031 exchange into Delaware Statutory Trusts. If you’re familiar with them, great– let’s talk.
    If not, let’s bring you up to speed on the topic.


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