Real Estate Quick Tips Videos

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Specific Person Approach: If you’re short on listings, try this approach to prospecting.

Get Listings!: People always need or want to move. Will you be the one to help them get their current property sold?

Take Care of Yourself: Just like the safety talk on airplanes, you have to “secure your mask first” before taking care of others.

Prospecting: It’s part of our business, but do we like it? Here are some tips for making it a little bit easier.

Close Personal Relationships: Do you worry that websites will take your clients? If yes, this video is for you!

Time: You are in control of your time!

Pricing for Online Searches: The way buyers search for properties online means you need to change how you approach recommending list prices to sellers.

Closing Questions: Ask the right kinds of questions at the appropriate time to get the answers you need.

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